Following The Heart

Born in Montreal, and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada, Heather Forbes has lived in Alberta for over 30 years. A nurse by profession, the first step to following her heart was an taken during an unassuming goldsmithing class she enrolled in at the local center for creative arts. There, she discovered the joy of jewellery making, and delighted in seeing her classmates create unique works of art.

The next step of Heather’s journey occurred when she was given a book from her son titled, Live Your Dreams, by Les Brown. “After reading one chapter I realized that my dream was to have a ‘main street’ shop where I could continue creating jewelry, but also showcase some of our fine Canadian craft artists.” From that idea Forbes and Friends Flair Boutique was founded.

Coming full circle, Heather’s love of the arts now helps her nurture the souls of her customers. She is inspired by clay, watercolour, and metal and has worked in production, set and costume design along with the occasional acting role for amateur theatre.

She is led by the heart’s delight to find everyday treasures in giftwareapparel, and art pieces chosen by her for you or someone you love.

Our logo is inspired by Garth, our adopted greyhound, who has been an integral part of our business since the very beginning.

Heather has been a long standing resident of Grande Prairie.