Supporting The Arts

Considering our history, it’s no surprise that we believe that local artists are important in maintaining a healthy mind. We’re proud to say that we showcase and sell pieces from local artists in a variety of media including, glass, ceramics, jewellery, and fibre. Find more information about the artists’ work we carry below.

Ceramic Artists

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

Junichi Tanaka

Maple Ridge, BC

Experience the whimsey of Junichi’s work through unconventional shape and form. Pieces include teapots, vases, dinneware, and more.

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

Pauline Pelletier

Cap-Rouge, QC

Pauline has been working clay for thirty years with ardour, pleasure and a constant concern with excellence. The wide range of her production makes her work alive and open minded. From the simplicity of forms to the generosity of colours, occasionally tinted with a touch of humour, her work adorns the discrete charm and the solitary energy of perseverance.

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

Voyager Art & Tile

Red Deer, AB

Brian McArthur & Dawn Detarando collaborate to make decorative ceramic works depicting Canada’s flora, fauna and history. They create their arts with a sense of life and romance and are inspired by their natural surroundings and Canadian heritage. The artists use clay made in Alberta and formulate their own glazes specifically to accentuate their ceramic art. The works are hand carved in their studio, pressed and stamped on the back with a Canada maple leaf stamp.

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

Tammy Parks-Legge

Stoney Plain Alberta

Tammy has been working in clay since 1997. Her functional and decorative pottery is fired in several types of kilns – electric, wood and natural gas. From berry bowls to mugs we love her work.

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

Janet Grabner and John Dahm are Caracol Clay Studio

East Coulee, Alberta

Janet’s work is hand formed porcelain and stoneware clay, each glazed and fired using various techniques.

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

HILBORN pottery design


A family company specializing in original hand built ceramic designs of exceptional function and form.

Lisa McGrath

Calgary AB

A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, Lisa supervises the ceramics department of the Wildflower Art Centre in Calgary while maintaining a studio practice there as well.

Glass Artists

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

James Lavoie

Edmonton, AB

Glass fusing is an ancient art that entails the shaping, layering, and kiln-firing of small pieces of glass, to such a temperature that the “fuse” and become a solid piece. His designs all reflect a signature style of strong, clean lines in subtle geometry – each intricate pattern requiring anywhere from 50 to 150 individual cuts. This is truly functional art – and the choice of Culinary Team Canada.

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

Darren Petersen

Red Deer, AB

Darren operates a small glass blowing studio in Red Deer Alberta. Each item is handmade and unique.

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

Julia Hillyer

Glen Williams, ON

Julia uses glass as her voice through the art of glassblowing, carving, polishing, and shaping. Adorn your space with functional pieces or breathtaking sculpture.

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB


Grande Prairie, Alberta

A multi talented Grande Prairie artist, Nicole creates both functional and decorative pottery as well as whimsical, hand-blown glass bead jewellery.


Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

Darcy Gusse-Edinga

Red Deer, AB

Inspired by the Canadian landscapes, Darcy Guss-Edinga’s hand –painted silk pieces are bursting with color.

Boutique, Grande Prairie, AB

Linda McBain Cuyler

Edmonton, Alberta

Linda finds inspiration in the natural world through landscape and lovely snippets of nature. She sees everything in bright colors provided by paint, and is even more interested in the texture of the fabric and stitching. Each piece of artwork is original with its own variation in color and stitching. Backgrounds are bleached quilt batting or canvas which is painted with acrylic paint. Machine stitching in sewing thread and/or pearl cotton is added for detail and outlining.


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